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The Sinking Fund Structured Debt Program Definition

The Sinking Fund Structured Debt Program is a popular, fast, safe and secured Interest Only funding Program used to fund large projects as a “Low Risk” funding program for both the Lender and the Borrower. The Sinking Fund Program provides 100% funding to several types of feasible and viable projects worldwide.

Benefits of Sinking Fund Program

– 100% Funding is Provide

– Effective Interest Rate is 4.5%

– Loan Amount is Paid as One Time Payment

– Loan Term is 10 Years Fixed

– Grace Period is 12 to 36 Months

– Owner Retains 100% Ownership & Control

– Owner Equity is Not Required

– Owner Collateral is Not Required

– Owner Security is Not Required

– Owner Guarantee is Not Required

– Sharia Compliant Funding

– World’s Top 25 Banks Used

How The Sinking Fund Works

The Sinking Fund Facility has been structured in such a way that the Sanctioned Loan Amount (Gross Loan) is equal to double the Net Loan.

Net Loan Amount: US $100,000,000 (which is 100% Project Cost) Gross Loan

Amount: US $200,000,000 (Double the Net Loan)

This Gross Loan Amount, one half portion which is $100 M will be retained at the time of funding and applied to a Bank Term Deposit to create the Sinking Fund that will grow over a Ten (10) Year Term and return the Gross Loan Amount at the end of Loan Term. This mechanism guarantees 100% repayment of the Gross Loan Amount to the Lender. At the same time it also acts as a loan guarantee for the Net Loan Amount. The remaining $100 M will be utilized for Project Development and is given to the borrower.

The Borrower will Sign the Loan Agreement on the Net Loan consisting of Interest Payments per Agreement.

Annual Loan Payments for 10 Years on $100 M Loan with 24 months Grace Period annual payment – $4,5 M per year for 10 Years.

First Annual Payment Due – Third Anniversary (36 Month) of the Loan Release Date.

(Annual Payment Calculation: US $100 M x 4.5% = US $4,5 M).

Borrower Only Pays 45% of the Total Loan Amount of US $100 M in 10 years.

No Repayment of Gross Loan or Net Loan Amount is required at the end of 10 Years. Client is subject to Underwriting review and qualification for this program.

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